Jucelino’s Forecasts For February 2014

Jucelino’s Forecasts For February 2014

1. Severe heat is spreading in Brazil and in some regions of south America, we are going to have water rationing , blackouts and very strong storms ;
2. Strong storms hit France, Spain and Portugal causing floods and deaths everywhere which are causing panic in population there. ;
3. In Northeastern Brazil , the causes of drought is getting rationing electricity in some areas ,and the lack of water ,Then, comes great dangerous strong storms that can hit the regions everywhere;
4. Hemorrhagic DENGUE Fever spreads through Northeast region , south and northern Brazil ,and can victimizing many innocent people ;
5. Strong storms of snow hit USA , CANADA and some regions of Europe and Asia ,causing deaths and airports outages ;
6. There is A 18 % increase of violence ( this month) in Brazil,and Political authorities do pretend that do not know about ignoring this isssue and do not create solutions for immediate actually condition of the problem.And they know the solution is not create prisons . they must create more severe penalties , because the ones we have are pretty bland in the country .(Brazil) ;
7. Heavy rains hit the south of Brazil ,and floods , destruction is causing damages all over…Meanwhile, . ,in some regions the damages of farmers will be very larger than last year due to severe drought. ;
8. Much violence will mark the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and also in some regions of the Northeast of Brazil ;
9. Train crash kills in India over 15 people there ; ;
10. Strong earthquake of 7.0 hits Indonesia ,and can victimizing many innocent people ;
11. Demostrations are spreading in Egypt and major conflict ;
12. Increases the crisis and violence in Amazon (Brazil ) by conflict of Indians with local farmers ;
13. Major floods in Australia are causing loss and deaths in many regions ;
14. Big protests and conflicts in Ukraine can cause many victims by the country and some attacks in Russia;
15. Attacks in Sierra Leone (Africa ) kills dozens of people , that massacre is caused by militias opposed to the government ;
16.The fall of a building in Turkey kills many innocent people close to Istanbul area. … ;
17. In the Northern Iraq bomb attack victim more than 40 people ;
18. A shooting makes many victims in USA.and government once more speaks about new changes of law. ;
19. Strong rain in Haiti can kill many people ;
20. Tropical storm Kajiki gains power and can destroy multiple locations ;
21. Strong earthquake hits China and can cause many victims ;
22. Storms hit Rio de Janeiro ,Niteroi, and mountainous landslides areas and can cause many victims ;
23. Paraguay is growing the number of infected by Dengue Hemorragic fever ; ;
24. Argentina is getting very hot and can cause blackouts and a week later that issue the problem with great storms afterwards ,and many problems to the country ;
25. Major events and conflicts are going to spread in Argentina due government opposition ;
26. Attack in Spain can kill many people ;
27. Big protests in Thailand by opposition to the government is growing violence in the country ;
28. Vietnam is in a worse situation and is trying to raise its imports of rice in 25% to avoid internal crisis;
29. Strong earthquake hits BOLIVIA and PERU , and can victimizing many people there ;
30. Earthquake in Colombia can victimizing many people and causing many injured there ;
31. Heavy snow storms hit ITALY and GERMANY causing great problems there ;
32. Big protests against President François Hollande spread throughout the country;
33. The health of king of Spain is very fragility ,and he is running risk of lose life .Therefore must be accompanied by medical treatment to get more time of life period..;
34. Although there are many problems with Japan by economic crisis but the country can have recovery and gives signal of heating market there.
35. Strong earthquake hits PAKISTAN and can victimizing many people ;
36. A strong earthquake can hit Portugal ;.
37. Strong earthquake can hit Japan and many people can have damages and problems there.


Jucelino Forecasts (predictions) for January 2014

Jucelino Nóbrega da Luz forecasts (predictions) for January 2014

(Please note that forecasts are not predestination!)

1. Severe storms is going to hit the Rio de Janeiro ( central part ) and mountainous areas Niterói – RdJ with floods and hillslidings (collapses )…. ;
2. Australia has now a lot of floods, and heavy rains wrecks in many parts ;
3. New Zealand, heavy rain, floods,homeless and possible loss of innocent lives ;
4. Forests fire are spreading in new zealand australia and in Chile that is very dry with high temperatures ;
5. Train accident can victimizing many people in Japan ;
6. A strong earthquake hits the island of Sumatra Indonesia ;
7. Severe drought hits Argentina and it has already energy rationing ;
8. Events in Thailand and conflicts causes many deaths ;
9. Attack in South Sudan can kill a politic and generate conflict and many deaths of civilians ;
10. Plans to kidnap a family members of president Obama ( usa ), can generate an attack on a famous store in Washington, dc. ;
11. Blizzard hits US., Canada, Germany, Japan, France, and can cause problems in airport and make many victims ;
12. Strong earthquake hits Samoa and can cause damage and victims ;
13. Floods and storms hit Haiti, causing many victims, and in El Salvador,too;
14. Protests are spreading in Ukraine and new conflict and terrorist attacks ;
15. Blizzard can hit Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria Albania,causing major problems ;
16. Heavy rains in Rio grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná ( Brazil ) ;
17. Dengue hemorrhagic in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais, Goiás and northeast ( Brazil ) are growing on average 12% than the last year ;
18. Violence in Kenya can kill dozens of people in Nairobi ;
19. Strong earthquake hits Japan near central area ;
20. Floods hit Indonesia and can do many homeless and deaths of innocent by country ;
21. Strong storm floods can make many victims in Sri Lanka, and there are many homeless,and deaths ;
22. Iraq attacks kill more than 50 people near Baghdad. ;
23. Strong earthquake hits Pakistan, victimizing many innocent people ;
24. A terrorist attack in Afghanistan can kill innocent people over 40 ;
25. The situation worsens ex – f1 german driver, schumacher the, he is running serious risk to lose life…. ; ( previously provided by letters sent him before the accident in ski camp…. ) ;
26. Sinking ship (boat) ( accident due ) can victimizing many people near South Africa ;
27. Famous media – all over the world – ( radio, tv stations, newspapers, magazines ) enters the year in “ red” and unfortunately, some companies will layoffs by memorandum of economic crisis and until there will be the possibility of close doors ;
28. Companies and automobile manufacturers, are suffering with world crisis,and can come to close some companies doors all over the world ;
29. Strong earthquake hits turkey damaging and causing possible victims ;
30. Possible fall of aircraft near the region of turkey, all passengers can be victimize ;
31. Protests and conflicts are spreading by turkey… ;
32. Big epidemic of hemorragic dengue can spread paraguay ;
33. Floods and storms can hit santos vale do paraíba ( brazil ) – sp : São vicente santos, cubatão, etc ;
34. A strong earthquake can hit huingria and causes panic and damage ;
35. Strong earthquake hits hawaii and opens the way for a large volcanic eruption. ( which could delay a bit until eruption comes up…or not. );
36. Terrorist attack in sweden,and russia can kill many innocent people.
37. Terrorist attack in spain can kill many innocent people …

we wish everyone a happy new year ! With a lot of health, peace, love and much success!.

Red alert ! Protect your family and friends !
The problems are getting worse worldwide, then go and look for a safety place to live with your family ,and be away from natural hazards… Critical dates : 2015. 2016, 2017, 2018. 2019 & 2020…

December 2013 forecasts by Jucelino Nobrega daLuz


  • 07 SLIDING PLANE IN AIRPORT AMERICAN MAY HURT MANY PEOPLE AND CAUSE PANIC AT THE AIRPORT (data not allowed (censored, as mandated by current law ……..);
  • 22 landslides HEAVY RAINS AND REACH AREAS Serranas – Nova Friburgo, Petropolis, Teresopolis, ITAIPAVA, and Niterói-RJ (BRAZIL);
  • 30 CONGO IN A VOLCANO MAY erupt, forcing the evacuation of some cities;

Taurus Full Moon

Taurus Full Moon 2013

Thursday April 25, 2013

NZT: 7:57 AM (April 26)
CET: 9:57 PM
GMT: 8:57 PM
UT: 7:57 PM
Eastern: 3:57 PM
Pacific: 12:57 PM

Exoteric ruler: Venus – 5th ray
Esoteric ruler: Vulcan – 1st ray

The 4th ray is transmitted through Taurus.

We come also to the sign which is called “the sign of the major life incentive,” because Taurus is the symbol of desire in all its phases. Whether the subjective man is impelled by desire, or the disciple is driven forth upon the path of return by the urge of aspiration, or whether the initiate is controlled by the will to cooperate with the Plan, he is, nevertheless, being responsive to the most potent manifestation of a little known and understood aspect of divinity, to which we give the inadequate name of the Will of God.

Will, power, desire, aspiration, ambition, motive, purpose, impulse, incentive, plan – all these are words which attempt to express one of the major underlying attributes and fundamental causes (man scarcely knows which) of manifestation, of the evolutionary processes and of the will-to-be or the will-to-live. The great triplicity of desire – aspiration – direction (will) are only three words which endeavor to describe the progress and bias of man the personality, man the soul, and man the channel for spirit or life. All three point inadequately to the cause of the threefold expression which underlies all events, all progress and all happenings in time and space.

It was the Buddha who clarified for man the nature of desire and its results, with the unhappy effects which desire produces when persistent and unenlightened. It was the Christ Who taught the transmutation of desire into aspiration which, from the expression given to it in The New Testament, was the effort of the human will (hitherto animated by, or expressed through, desire) to conform itself to the will of God – this without understanding but conformity, in perfect trust and with the inner assurance that the will of God must be all that is good, both in the individual and in the whole.

Now, as the Shamballa force is beginning to pour into the world, man is seeking another interpretation of God’s will which will not involve the hitherto blind acquiescence and unavoidable acceptance of the inscrutable dictates of a potent, inescapable Providence, but which will produce an understanding cooperation with the divine Plan and an enlightened fusion of the individual will with the great, divine will and this for the greater good of the whole.

It might be here pointed out that just as the Aquarian Age is coming into manifestation for our planet as a whole, bringing in its wake universal awareness and the new modes of expressing world synthesis, human interests and the world religion, so humanity, the world disciple, is beginning to come under the influence of Taurus. It is this influence which will bring about at this time the reversal of the wheel of life for those in the human family who are ready (and their numbers are now very great). This is happening and the results are inevitable and cannot be evaded. The great question is: Will this Taurian influence, increased as it is by the incoming Shamballa forces, produce the floodlight of illumination of which Taurus is the custodian, or will it simply foment desire, increase selfishness and bring humanity to the “fiery heights of self-interest” instead of to the mountain of vision and initiation?

This is the situation which confronts the Knowers of the race in their various grades of knowledge and illumination at this time. Neither of these influences – the Taurian or the Aquarian – can be avoided. As you will see when we study the analysis of this sign and come to a consideration of its rulers, Taurus forges the instruments of constructive living or of destruction; it forges the chains which bind or creates the key which unlocks the mystery of life; it is this forging process, with its consequent clamor, which is going on at this time in a most potent manner. Vulcan controls the anvil-like processes of time and strikes the blow which shapes the metal into that which is desired, and this is true today as never before.

He it is who is forging the way for the coming Avatar Who will – at the right moment – come forth, embodying in Himself the Will of God which is the divine will-to-good, to peace through understanding, and to right relations between men and between nations.

The Taurian influence must now be regarded as being of exceeding potency today, particularly from the angle of the subjective spiritual values; it is Taurus which is the ruler and the guiding influence of that which is occurring everywhere.

I would like here to call your attention to the fact that this sign is a synthetic sign in the sense that it brings expression of an inner urge of some definite nature upon the physical plane. This it does, because its basic quality demonstrates as desire in the mass of men and as will or directed purpose in the disciple or the initiate. It manifests as stubbornness in the average man (and this is literally wilful adherence to personality aims) or as intelligently expressed will – actuated by the impulse of love – in the advanced man. This connotes adherence to soul purpose. People who are Taurians naturally and by natal inclination would do well to consider this statement and thus test all their major determining activities by the question: Is my present attitude, my work or intention actuated by personality desire or am I working and planning directly under soul urge and incentive? This should give the keynote of all Taurian problems. The entire secret of divine purpose and planning is hidden in this sign, owing fundamentally to the relation of the Pleiades to the constellation, the Great Bear, and to our solar system. This constitutes one of the most important triangles in our entire cosmic series of relationships and this importance is also enhanced by the fact that the “eye of the Bull” is the eye of revelation. The underlying goal of the evolutionary process – “the onward rush of the Bull of God,” as it is esoterically called – reveals steadily and without cessation the stupendous and sublime plan of Deity. This is the subject which light reveals.

This sign is an earth sign and hence the working out of the Plan or the fulfilment of desire must be carried out upon the outer plane of living. This will or desire must express itself in the plane of outer living and in the environment whether it is the environment of an individual man, of a nation or of a group of nations.

As you know, astrologers have long pointed out that this sign concerns the physical body among other factors, and the health or wholeness of the body is closely connected with the expression of past desire or of present idealism and this is a point to be borne in mind. Today, the cure or care of the physical body is of paramount importance to practically everybody and the thoughts of all peoples without exception, whether at war or not, are turned that way. The emphasis upon the wholeness of the individual physical life is symbolic of the outer body of humanity, viewing all human beings as a unit.

Again, gold is the symbol which today governs man’s desires whether national, economic or religious; it is connected with this sign and this is one of the indications that today the conflict in the world economic situation is based upon the upwelling of desire. In an esoteric way, therefore – quoting from a very ancient book of prophecy:

“The golden eye of Taurus points the way to those who likewise see. That which is gold will some day, too, respond, passing from East to West in that dire time when the urge to gather gold shall rule the lower half (i.e., the personality aspect of men and of nations – A.A.B.). The search for gold, the search for golden light divine, directs the Bull of Life, the Bull of Form. These two must meet; and meeting, clash. Thus vanishes the gold…”

It is the subjectivity of this sign which makes the understanding of it so difficult. It will not be until humanity has grasped the nature of the will that the true significance of the Taurian influence will be grasped. Both the sign, Aries, and the sign, Taurus, are concerned with the initial impact of energy upon form or of energies upon the soul. Man today is becoming slowly aware of the distinction to be found between the opposites and is grasping vaguely the true nature of desire. But he is still in the vale of illusion and – whilst there – cannot see with clarity. One of the first opposites which the disciple has to grasp is that of the subjective and the objective worlds.

We have somewhat considered the rays and their effect and relationship as they, through Taurus and its rulers, pour their force and energy into individual man, or into humanity as a whole. The two rays which directly affect the sign are, as we have seen, the fifth (through Venus) and the first (through Vulcan). These two when viewed in combination with the Earth (which is an expression of the third ray) demonstrate a most difficult combination of rays, for all are along the line of the first Ray of Energy:

Ray 1 – The ray of Will or Power.
Ray 5 – The ray of Concrete Knowledge.
Ray 3 – The ray of Active Intelligence.

This combination tremendously increases the already difficult task of the Taurian subject. Only indirectly does the second Ray of Love-Wisdom and its subsidiary line of energies appear and, therefore, love and wisdom are often noticeably lacking in the person born in this sign. Such a man will have much self-love, self-esteem, self-respect and a good deal of selfish centralization or personality focus. He will be intelligent but not wise; aspirational but at the same time stubborn and set so that his aspiration does not take him very far very rapidly. He will move spasmodically and in wild rushes; steady measured progress upon the Way is very hard for him. He finds it difficult to apply practically the knowledge gained. It is apt to remain a mental acquisition and not a practical experience. He will be almost painfully conscious of duality but, instead of its producing a struggle for unity, it produces often a set and static depression. He will be destructive because “bull-headed” and because the hammer aspect of Vulcan will be dominant. Because he has a measure of light – his power to be thus destructive will distress him.

He needs to grasp the spiritual side of Venus which emphasizes that the Son of God who is the Son of mind is the instrument of God’s love; he must learn, therefore, to transmute knowledge into wisdom. He must transcend the destructive side of Vulcan and so of the first ray and instead work as a “fashioner of souls,” including his own. He must aim at clear seeing, pure joyful will and the death of personality desire. Such is the goal of the Taurian disciple.

It has been said that “four energies make a man; eight energies make a Master; twelve energies make a Buddha of Activity.” During this process of “fashioning,” great changes take place in consciousness and there are fundamental changes wrought through this sign which – in combination with its polar opposite, Scorpio, is one of the major conditioning signs of the zodiac. Under its energy impact, profound disruptions and alterations in character, quality and direction take place. It is a dangerous sign because the destructive aspects are so easily over-emphasized and so intelligently applied to circumstance that the career of the Bull can be both destructive within its field of contacts and at the same time self-destroying until such time that self-will or selfish desire is tempered by aspiration. Aspiration eventually gives place to intelligent activity and the acceptance of the will emanating from the spiritual Center of life. This leads to cooperation with the Plan in the fullest sense and the end of individual self-centeredness. Temper, which is so characteristic of the Bull, must give place to directed spiritual energy, for temper is but energy run wild in the interests of the personality; blindness (for the Bull is blind for much of its career) must give place to vision and the right focus of the sight and this will finally dispel the self-engendered illusions and glamorous of the aspirant; self-pity, which is the effect of a constant concentration on the frustration of desire in the personality life, must be succeeded by compassion for all humanity, and this must be developed into the selfless service of the salvaging initiate. The task of the Taurian is a hard one for he embodies in himself, to a marked degree, outstanding limitations as regards the processes of spiritual evolution; there are, however, no insuperable difficulties and the liberated Taurian is ever a constructive, planning, creative, forward-moving force; such men are greatly needed in these serious days of readjustment and strain.

Taurus, as you know, rules the neck and the thyroid gland. This is essentially the region whence must emanate the creative activity of the man who is upon the Path. The throat is a point to which the energy of the sacral center must be lifted so that creation through love and by the will eventually will prove the sublimatory effect of the transference to higher use of the sex energy. The right use of the organs of speech gives the clue to the processes whereby the disciple must bring about certain basic changes. The Taurian upon the way of liberation would do well to employ the method of directed and motivated speech of an outgoing and explanatory nature in order to transform himself from one who goes wilfuly on his personality way into a wise cooperator with the Plan. By this I mean that, as man translates his ideals into words and acts, he brings about transformation, transmutation and eventually translation upon the mountain top of Initiation.

Keynotes of this sign are, as usual, clear in their implications. One states the note of the form aspect,

“Let struggle be undismayed.”

The Word of the form is to take, grasp and go courageously after that which is desired. The Word of the Soul is,

“I see and when the Eye is opened, all is light.”

The eye of the cosmic Bull of God is open and from it light pours radiantly forth upon the sons of men. The eye of vision of the individual man must likewise open in response to this cosmic light. Hence victory is inevitable for the potency of cosmic energy will unfailingly and in time subdue and reorient the energy of humanity.

(Source: Alice Bailey – Esoteric Astrology)

The connection between climate change and world peace

“Much of what we don’t see with our economics involves the accelerating destruction of the environment.”

-Al Gore


Climate change and world peace are closely connected. This has been proven true by the three major Nobel Prize Laureates of our time. This article will inspect the achievements of Willy Brandt, Wangari Maathai and Al Gore. They all are examples of how perseverance and a one-pointedness of mind can help one individual accomplish great things. On a spiritual level steadfastness and courage are key factors to making change in one’s personal life and in the environment too.

Says Benjamin Creme in his book Maitreya’s Mission Volume Three: “Maitreya says there are two environments, an inner and an outer. The outer reflects the inner. If the inner is disturbed, the outer also is disturbed. We are witnessing this today. Because we are so disturbed in our inner environment, not recognizing ourselves as spiritual beings related to each other, we rape, pillage and despoil. We inflict our greed and aggression on each other in wars and all sorts of aggressive actions and reap the results: a gradual erosion of the very environment which keeps us in being as a species. If we do not address this problem, the human and sub-human kingdoms of this planet will die out. Many ecologists recognize this fact. The ‘green’ agencies have been talking about this for years, trying to impress on governments the need for change.”

 The connection between peace and climate change, Wangari Maathai, Al Gore, Willy Brandst

Climate change and world peace, a more spiritual aspect

Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize, was known as a pacifist. Based on his testament, the Nobel Prize, that is still awarded today, has been divided into five different categories that were of great importance to Mr. Nobel in his own life. One of these categories is peace. In his testament Nobel stated: “…and one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

Alfred Nobel assigned the Norwegian parliament Stortinget to choose the five members who would be awarded the prize.

Since the times of Nobel, the international political consensus is becoming more and more appreciative of the kind of work that is done to support the ”fraternity between nations” and to promote peace and bring concrete peace as a result.

When the achievements of the Nobel Laureates are considered from the perspective of climate change, three names stand out: the West German Willy Brandt in 1971, the Kenyan Wangari Muta Maathai in 2004 and in 2007 the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Al Gore.


Wangari Maathai and climate change

Wangari Muta MaathaiThe idea of peace stems from the basis of relationships that exist between peaceful individuals. In fact, this basis is one of those factors that can help us guarantee permanent peace. As the Kenyan Wangari Maathai so accurately states in her book Unbowed: A Memoir, Knopf 2006, about the foundations of the Nobel committee and about the interdependency between peace, good management and the sensible use of natural resources: “…I was inspired by a metaphor that I have been using. The metaphor is an African, traditional stool with three legs. A traditional African stool is actually made from one log and then three legs are chiseled out and a seat is also chiseled out in the middle so that when you sit, you sit on this basin, which rests on three legs. I compare the three legs to the three pillars that the Norwegian Nobel Committee identified.”

“One leg is that of peace. The other is that of democratic space, where rights are respected—women’s rights, human rights, environmental rights, children’s rights, where there is space for everybody, where minorities and the marginalized can find space. The third leg is the environment, that needs to be managed sustainably, equitably, and in a transparent way, the resources of which also need to be shared equitably. For when a state rests on these three pillars then the basin of the seat becomes the space, the environment, the milieu in which we can do development.”

Maathai believes that all three pillars are needed to hold the seat up. Maathai, who founded the Green Belt Movement (GBM), has witnessed the interdependency of these three pillars in her own life as well. Whenever one of the pillars has been missing, time and again it has led to an arrest or even a jail sentence.  However, just as many times she has stood up against oppression and corruption and fought for the epiphany she had already at an early age.


Environmental and climate change effects of colonization

Wangari Maathai realised already at an early stage that the effects of nature’s diversity and immunity are of the greatest importance also to humans. During the 1970′s, when Wangari Maathai was comparing the contemporary living conditions of Kenya to those of her childhood, she noticed that a link existed between the poor nourishment of children and the felling of growing stock that had begun already upon the arrival of the British colonizers.

Climate change and penguin on ice, spiritual view pointShe noted that gradually, almost unobserved, the water level and cleanliness of water systems had suffered and the varieties that had been traditionally cultivated had been replaced with European varieties and the state of natural forests had weakened constantly.

As if on the sly the entire Kenyan tradition that stems from the traditions of various tribes which, despite of their contradictions, used to carry and unite the society, had been replaced with the European tradition and at the same time the entire society had changed.

When the cultivation of forests and traditional farming disappeared, it became impossible to live in the countryside. As a result, the fathers were forced to seek employment from the cities and that resulted to the end of the ancient tradition of united families.

The eradication of the original wood varieties and their replacement with the imported, fast growing wood varieties gradually led to soil erosion and a change in humidity. When the rivers that used to flow so vibrantly, slowly began to dry up and the people were faced with hunger for the first time, it was time to draw conclusions.

In 1977, Wangari Maathai founded the GBM (Green Belt Movement) to plant back all the lost trees, one by one. She concluded that they would need to restore the original growing stock to help the soil and water systems recover to the way they were. She deduced that if the erosion of the soil came to a halt, also the water systems could recuperate.

The number of planted trees that was first counted in tens and hundreds, has now grown to hundreds of millions of trees alone in Kenya.

The UNEP BillionTree Campaign that was founded under the UN with the contribution of Maathai in 2006 was expanded to a Seven BillionTree Campaign in May, 2008. With the help of the campaign, over seven billion saplings were de facto planted by the end of 2009. The latest and renewed goal is now to plant 12 billion saplings and even that goal seems well on target with pledges of over 11,6 billion to date.


 Al Gore and climate change

Al GoreJust like Wangari Maathai, the ex-senator of United States, Al Gore, has placed value on environmental issues during his entire adulthood and nowadays he is known for trying to stop the growing of carbon dioxide counts in the atmosphere.

As early as 1992, Gore already wrote critically about the contradiction between world economy and ecology in his book Earth in Balance: “Much of what we don’t see with our economics involves the accelerating destruction of the environment. Many popular textbooks on economic theory fail even to address subjects as basic to our economic choices as pollution or the depletion of natural resources.“

Gore clarifies this with an example: “When an underdeveloped nation cuts down a million acres of tropical rain forest in a single year, the money received from the sale of the logs is counted as part of that country’s income for the year.”

“The wear and tear of the chain saws and logging trucks as a result of a year’s work in the rain forest will be entered on the expense side of the ledger, but the wear and tear on the forest itself will not. In fact, nowhere in the calculation of that country’s GNP will there be an entry reflecting the stark reality that a million acres of rain forest is now gone.”


Climate change and bringing forth the unpleasant truth

In fact, one of  Gore’s ambitions is to make the saving of the environment one of the central goals of the humankind. During the past years, he has been travelling around the globe giving lectures based on his books and the broadly circulated movie Unpleasant Truth. Cities and countries after another have witnessed the victory march of the real winner of the last US presidential elections, now ”wearing green”.

The world media and the people around the world needed to be affected by a charismatic speaker, such as Al Gore, and by the UN-based IPCC, before they have started to give due recognition and global prevalence to the people who work at the grassroots level, the people mentioned in Gore’s book; people like Wangari Maathai, the Brazilian Chico Mendes who was murdered because of the work he did, and many, many others.  Gore suggests a list of 12 steps that present concrete measures (check the separate box) that would help change the economic policy towards a direction that would support the environment.


Climate change was on the agenda of Willy Brand already in the 1980s

However, environmental politics is not a new subject; it was already at the turn of the 1970′s and 80′s when the Brandt-commission announced the environment to be one of the most important goals of the humankind.

The commission was led by Willy Brandt, a former Chancellor of West-Germany, who was also the chairman of the social democratic party as well as the leader of the Socialist International, and he was appointed to the task by the chairman of the World Bank Robert McNamara.

The official name of the Brandt-commission was Independent Commission for International Developmental Issues and its first recommendation North-South was published in the UN on the 12th of February in 1980.


Willy BrandtIn that statement, the now deceased Brandt notes:  “At the beginning of a new decade, only twenty years short of the millennium, we must try to lift ourselves above the day-to-day quarrels (or negotiations) to see the menacing long-term problems.”

Brandt continues: “We see a world in which poverty and hunger still prevail in many huge regions; in which resources are squandered without consideration of their renewal; in which more armaments are made and sold than ever before; and where a destructive capacity has been accumulated to blow up our planet several times over”.


The Brandt-report demanded that the poor southern states would be integrated into the economical system with the help of an advanced support system.  According to the commission, this way we would be able to improve the economical and social conditions in these states.

The report saw a clear connection between the ending of the arms race and famine of the underdeveloped nations; if the arms race was globally annulled that would bring enormous amounts of money to the disposal of development aid.


Nations must take cooperative action to beat climate change

The Brandt-commission that included, among others, Edvard Heath (England, Prime Minister in 1970-1974) and Olof Palme (Sweden, Prime Minister in 1969-1976 and 1982-1986) stated that the climate and the environment form the cornerstones of the future of the humankind:

“The strain on the global environment derives mainly from the growth of the industrial economies, but also from that of the world population. It threatens the survival and development opportunities of future generations.”

The report continues: “All nations have to cooperate more urgently in international management of the atmosphere and other global commons, and in the prevention of irreversible ecological damage.“

Already then, in 1980, the commission insisted that we get rid of our dependency on fossil and non-renewable fuels and develop clean sources of energy at the same time as we develop an energy strategy that can cross the borders of nations.

Furthermore, the Brandt-report suggested that subsidies would be paid as incentives to develop solar power, wind power and other non-fossil sources of energy. The Brand-report actually served as a basis for the first Climate Conference of the UN that was held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.


Now, 30 years later, humanity is finally waking up to the threats that were first presented already a long time ago

But how does all of this look from the spiritual vantage point? The work of these Nobel laureates is very much in line with what is spiritually right. Maitreya, the World Teacher has made repeated remarks on how important the environment is to humanity. The importance of our own action is paramount. We, the human kind, are the only ones who can save the planet’s eco system.

Why is everyone becoming ‘green’ now? Awareness of the environment is the first step in Self realization. Individuals are becoming environmentalists. (This begins with concern for what one eats, drinks, breathes, etc.) Politicians think the world is their oyster. Yet all the ideologies have failed and will continue to fail. Individuals are going to produce changes.” Source: Maitreya, The Laws of Life

So it it crucial that we all become crusaders fighting for the environment. There can be no peace without the environment. There can be no environment without our action.

Here are the major quotations on what Maitreya has said on the environment and our responsibility.

  • The environment will become the number one issue throughout the world. This growth in concern is the result of increasing Self-awareness. There is a link between the inner and the outer environment: the moment you become aware of yourself this awareness then leads you to look into the outer environment.

  • There are also connections between the negative forces generated by humanity and what happens in nature. These connections will be increasingly seen and understood as such. Many natural disasters are responses to human activities.

  • The use of nuclear energy also generates repercussions under the Law of Cause and Effect. There is a difference between using energy within its natural evolutionary base, and manipulating energy. The latter leads invariably to trouble because natural equilibrium is disturbed. A windmill uses the power of the wind to generate energy. A ‘controlled’ underground nuclear explosion manipulates energy, disturbing the earth’s balance. This can and does result in earthquakes.

  • Human beings are linked to one another and, in principle, a thought can be picked up by anyone, anywhere, in a moment. Nuclear weapons are interlinked via both energy and thought formation. The energy behind all acts of nature and all mental acts is one.

  • We will see a new equilibrium in the world; both people and nature will respond constructively. People will be able to live in closer contact with nature and there will be greater harmony. There will be no need for nuclear energy: the power of the sun will be used. Because of the greater harmony between nature and humanity, people will be happier, for to disturb the environment is to disturb our own nature.


Willy Brandt’s inexhaustible motivation to keep working for humankind was the guarantee for a mutual future of peace for all humankind at the Rio conference, and the many UNFCCC conferences after it. As a result of Al Gore’s ”preaching” to people around the world, we have begun to realise that the ever hiking carbon dioxide count in our atmosphere poses a serious threat for the entire humankind. The tree-planting campaign that Wangari Maathai initiated to bind the carbon dioxide that exists in the atmosphere shows how these three Nobel Prize Laureates, and their apparently separate work methods finally unite to become a part of one major plan, that will help the living conditions of the planet to find their way back to the path of healing and peace.





The Home page of GBM,

The Home page of Al Gore.



What would you teach your child about life?

Our role, no duty, as parents is to give our children the resources they need to getting through life. When our work is done, they’re on their own. So the question arises: what to teach and what to tell? This blog is my answer to exactly that question! I write to you so that you would have something to refer to when you wonder what dad might think in this or that situation. You know since you were toddlers that I believe in reincarnation and in that what you sow, you reap. But what does this all mean in the life that we witness around us. How to react in different situations and what to make of the phenomena we learn of in the news and in school, at work, in play, in life? Well, this blog is my answer to your question what I think, the meaning of life is.

Is there a God?

Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Full Moon 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

NZT:              9:26 AM (Feb.26)
CET:              9:26 PM
GMT/UT:           8:26 PM
Eastern:          3:26 PM
Pacific:         12:26 PM

Exoteric ruler: Jupiter – 2nd Ray
Esoteric ruler: Pluto    – 1st ray

The rays 2 and 6 are transmitted through Pisces.

This sign is also dual. In Aries we have the duality which is attached to the bringing together of spirit and matter in the great creative activity of manifestation at the beginning of the evolutionary cycle, whilst in Pisces we have the fusion or blending of soul and form as far as man is concerned, producing the manifestation of the Incarnated Christ, the perfected individual soul, the completed manifestation of the microcosm. Thus the greater and the lesser polar opposites – the human being and God, the microcosm and the Macrocosm – are brought to their destined expression and manifestation. Until man is nearing the goal, these words mean but little though a study of the sign Pisces in the two ways intended may reveal much that is significant and suggestive.

This duality of Pisces must be studied in relation to its three keynotes which are

Bondage or captivity.
Renunciation or detachment.
Sacrifice and death.

In the first cycle of experience upon the wheel, the soul itself is in captivity to substance; it has come down into the prison house of matter and linked itself to form. Hence the symbol of Pisces, of the two fishes linked together by a band. One fish stands for the soul and the other for the personality or form nature, and between them is to be found the “thread or sutratma,” the silver cord which keeps them bound to each other throughout the cycle of manifested life. Later on, upon the reversed wheel, the personality is brought into captivity by the soul, but for long aeons the situation is reversed and the soul is the prisoner of the personality. This dual bondage is brought to an end by what is called the final death, when the complete release of the life aspect from the life of form takes place. It should be borne in mind also that the soul itself is of the nature of form from the standpoint of the Monad, though it is a form far subtler than any that we know in the three worlds of human evolution. There is also a dual renunciation referred to in these key words, for first of all the soul renounces the life and light of the Monad, its source (symbolized by the words “the Father’s home”), and descends into the ocean of matter; then, reversing itself, the soul renounces the life of form, the personality center. The soul detaches itself (in consciousness) from the Monad, the One, and functions from its own center, making its own new and material attachments. Then, upon the reversal of the wheel, it proceeds to detach itself from the personality and reattach itself in consciousness to the One Who sent it forth. Such is the climaxing story of Pisces.

People born in this sign are frequently to be found serving the race and ministering to its needs upon some level of consciousness. Thus they are prepared for the final sacrifice in Pisces which “absorbs them back into their originating Motive,” as the Old Commentary expresses it. It is for this reason that the life of service and the directed intention to serve constitute a scientific mode of achieving release. In Aquarius, the sign of world service, the lesson is finally learned which produces the world Savior in Pisces. Hence my constant emphasis upon service.

When the individual man enters upon his cycle of incarnations, and emerges in the sign Cancer, which is found in the Cardinal Cross, he metaphorically mounts the Mutable Cross and his long term of imprisonment in form begins and the lessons of servitude must be learned. He goes on learning until he has transformed servitude into service. He alternates between the pairs of opposites, both from the astrological, emotional angle and from the point of view of the four arms of the Mutable Cross. The fluid, sensitive temperament in Pisces – mediumistic and psychically polarized – must be stabilized in Virgo, in which sign mental introspection and critical analysis become possible and serve to arrest the fluidity of Pisces. These two signs balance each other.

The man at this stage has within him the potencies and the characteristics of the indwelling Christ, but they are not manifesting and are only latent possibilities for he is as yet entirely controlled by his form nature (the prison) and his environment. The hidden powers of the soul are negative and the powers of the form nature are positive and beginning to find increasingly potent expression. The natural spiritual tendencies of man are inhibited (for Pisces is often a sign of inhibition and hindrances) and the natural animal and personality powers – particularly the emotional – are the obvious and visible qualities of the man. A good deal of symbolism connected with the latent Christ and the outer expressive personality can be seen if a study is made of the Biblical story of Jonah and the whale. I have not time to enlarge upon it here, but it is a parable concerned with the Piscean stage of consciousness and the awakening of the Christ consciousness with the consequent dispute which that entails. Jonah stands for the hidden imprisoned Christ, alive to the perils of the situation, and the whale of large size stands for the bondage of incarnation and for the personality.

Pisces governs the feet and hence the whole thought of progress, of attaining the goal, and the treading of the Path of Return has been the underlying spiritual revelation of the great cycle through which we are passing; also, in the Piscean Age, the lesser cycle out of which we are at this time moving, it has been the origin of all the teaching given by the world religions anent the various stages of the Path of Return. Some astrologers hold also that Pisces governs the generative processes. They are essentially correct because once a man is nearing or upon the Path he should become increasingly creative in the higher sense and the physical generative processes should give place esoterically to regeneration and to creation upon the mental plane instead of only upon the physical plane. This higher creative functioning becomes possible under the influence of aspiration and intuition.

The keywords of this sign are obvious in their implications. Where the personality is concerned and the wheel rotates in the normal manner for the ordinary average or undeveloped person, the Word is

“And the Word said, Go forth into matter.”

The command of the soul to its instrument during the earlier stages of evolution goes forth and the response comes immediately from the one who “blinds the soul to truth, holding it in durance vile.” These words you are amply able to interpret for yourselves and from your own standpoint which is the only standpoint of service to you, indicating to you what lies behind upon the path of evolution, the point upon the Path where you now stand and the immediate step, vision, experience and effort which lie ahead.

The keywords for the Soul are:

“I leave the father’s Home and turning back, I save”

(Source: Alice Bailey – Esoteric Astrology)

Spring Festivals, Blessings and Full Moons – 2013


Spring Festivals, Blessings and Full Moons – 2013

Full_moonIt is once again that time of the year to prepare for the enormous energies released at the time of the three major spring Full Moon Festivals. The Tibetan writes about The New Group of World Servers through Alice Bailey in “Esoteric Psychology – Volume II” that “The first thing to be grasped is that there is a Plan for humanity and that this Plan has always existed.  It has worked out through the evolutionary developments of the past ages and also through that special impetus which has been given it from time to time by the great intuitives and teachers of the races.  Today there are a sufficient number of men and women in the world, adequately developed, so that they can contact it and work in connection with it.  It is becoming more a matter of group recognition than of intuitive revelation.”

Part of the plan that Master D.K. writes is participation in the Spring Full Moon festivals that have existes for ages and that are part of the spiritual way of living: living in accordance to the laws of life.

Many Transmission Meditation groups will celebrate the three Spring Festivals by holding 12-hour and 24-hour Transmission Meditations. At the time of the Spring Full Moons the spiritual energies are at their most powerful, due to the sun-moon-earth alignment and the potency of these ancient festivals, which provide a unique opportunity for spiritual service. DK writes: “At the time of the June Full Moon, each year, the love of God, the spiritual essence of solar fire, reaches its highest point of expression. ”

“The Three Spring Festivals provide a unique opportunity for groups around the world to establish together a potent rhythm. Throughout 24 hours, Hierarchy can link all working groups together into the global network of light which They are constantly creating and potentizing. There is also a powerful psychological factor involved, namely the added stimulus to aspiration and service which the celebration of these Festivals promotes.” (Benjamin Creme, “Maitreya’s Mission”, Vol. III)


Spring Festivals (8:00pm – 8:00pm):

1). Easter Festival (Aries): Friday, March 29 – Saturday, March 30, 2013

2). Wesak Festival (Taurus): Friday, April 26 – Saturday, April 27, 2013

3). Festival of the Christ (Gemini): Friday, May 24 – Saturday, May 25, 2013


Exact Full Moon times 2013:

1). Aries Full Moon – March 27, 2013, 1:30 am PDT; 4:30 am EDT; 9:30 am GMT

2). Taurus Full Moon – April 25, 2013, 11:57 am PDT; 2:57 pm EDT; 7:57 pm GMT

3). Gemini Full Moon – May 24, 2013, 8:27 pm PDT; 11:27 pm EDT; (May 25) 4:27 am GMT


Blessings by Maitreya the World Teacher during the Spring Festivals

There will be a Blessing from Maitreya at 3:00 pm (your local time) on:

1). Sunday, March 31, 2013

2). Sunday, April 28, 2013

3). Sunday, May 26, 2013


For the Blessing, hold your attention on the Crown Chakra — the center at the top of the head — (this is the only time that the attention should be placed on this center) and sit in silent meditation while the energies flow.


Easter Festival (Aries)

Friday, March 29- Saturday, March 30, 2013

“The first festival of spring marks a process of rebirth and revitalization. It is celebrated at the full moon in Aries, after the vernal equinox, and usually occurs in April. In the Christian tradition, it is called Easter, the festival of resurrection. It celebrates the risen Christ, but resurrection implies more than the one-time arising from the grave of the physical body. In each minute of each hour, we have the possibility to be born anew, to let go of the past and move on. When old patterns of thought and emotion are discarded, when old habits and beliefs are outgrown and set aside, we are free to meet every new situation unconditionally. Higher energies rush in to fill the place of expectancy that we have created, and the inner light expands. We open to life more abundant and are made new.”


The Wesak Festival (Taurus)

Friday, April 26 – Saturday, April 27, 2013

“The festival of Wesak occurs at the time of the full moon in Taurus, usually in May. In the East, it commemorates the enlightenment of the Buddha and is widely celebrated. Wesak marks the high-point in the spiritual year, for it is said that at this time each year, the Buddha returns to the physical plane for a brief moment, bringing an inflow of life and spiritual stimulation to vitalize all of humanity. Thousands of pilgrims gather every year in a remote valley in the Himalayas to re-enact an ancient sacred ceremony based on the legend of Wesak, which has to do with the sharing of the waters of life.” (The Reappearance of the Christ, pp. 154-157)

Festival of the Christ/The Festival of Goodwill (Gemini)

Friday, May 24 – Saturday, May 25, 2013

“This will be the Festival of the spirit of humanity aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the will of God and dedicated to the expression of right human relations. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of June. It will be a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind will be recognised. On this Festival for two thousand years the Christ has represented humanity and has stood before the Hierarchy and in the sight of Shamballa as the God-Man, the Leader of His people, and “the Eldest in a great family of brothers” (Romans VIII: 29). Each year at that time He has preached the last sermon of the Buddha, before the assembled Hierarchy. This will, therefore, be a festival of deep invocation and appeal, of a basic aspiration towards fellowship, of human and spiritual unity, and will represent the effect in the human consciousness of the work of the Buddha and of the Christ.” (The Reappearance of the Christ, pp. 154-157)


Aquarius Full Moon

Aquarius Full Moon

Sunday, January 27, 2013

NZT: 5:38 PM
CET: 5:38 AM
UT/GMT: 4:38 AM
Eastern: 11:38 PM (Jan. 26)
Pacific: 8:38 PM (Jan. 26)

Exoteric ruler: Uranus – 7th Ray
Esoteric ruler: Jupiter – 2nd Ray

The 5th ray is transmitted through Aquarius.

This constellation is one of supreme importance to our solar system at this time, for it is the sign into which our Sun is rapidly moving and its influence is gaining in momentum and added potency with each vanishing decade. It is, therefore, largely responsible for the changes now being effected in our planetary life in all the kingdoms of nature, and, because it is an air sign, its influence is all pervasive and interpenetrating. To many types of mind, this influence is intangible and must, therefore, be unable to produce the desired results; yet the fact is that these intangible pervasive results are of far greater potency and are far more extensive in their effects than the more concrete and spectacular happenings.

The keynotes of this sign are three in number and very easy to understand, though when they makes their note felt on the reversing wheel, most difficult to demonstrate. They are:

The service of the personality, the lower self, which eventually transmutes itself into the service of humanity.
Superficial and selfish activity which changes into a deep and active intention to be active on behalf of the Hierarchy.
Self-conscious living which changes finally into a sensitive humanitarian awareness.

The quality of these keynotes changes from a petty and superficial nature to one of deep purpose and profound conviction. The low grade and undeveloped Aquarian upon the Mutable Cross manifests through a superficial self-awareness. This matures in Leo and becomes a deep seated self-consciousness and a profound interest in self and its need and wishes. As the interplay goes on between Leo and Aquarius (for they are polar opposites) there comes a deepening of all qualities and the superficialities disappear until – upon the reversed wheel – the intensive self-consciousness of Leo expands into the group awareness of Aquarius. The individual becomes the universal. Man, alone and separate, becomes mankind in his reactions and awareness and yet, at the same time, preserves his individuality; he is no longer just a human being, individually self-centered and separative, but becomes humanity itself, losing his personal identity in the good of the whole yet retaining his spiritual Identity. From self-service, he proceeds to world service and yet is always the individualized Son of God until after the third initiation.

The sign Aquarius is also a dual sign and signifies two vibrations. It is here that its relation to Pisces emerges, for just as Pisces on the wheel of illusion, the Mutable Cross, stands for substance and bondage, in Aquarius, substance and the anima mundi or imprisoned soul begin to work in mutual tolerance, and in the higher Aquarian individual, soul and spirit are expressing themselves through substance. There is consequently an astrological relation between the band of stars in the constellation Pisces which unites the two fishes, and the quality and nature of Aquarius which relates and binds together into one working and synthetic whole. The Aquarian recognizes the bond which holds all together subjectively and in truth, whilst in Pisces the energy of relationship constitutes an imprisoning band which confines and holds captive. Think this out. It is an error to consider the margin of contact between two signs in the passage of the Sun to be in the nature of hard and fast frontiers or set boundary lines. Such is not the case. There are no rigid lines of demarcation separating two entirely different areas of experience and consciousness upon the solar path. It only appears to be so and this itself is part of the Great Illusion.

The rulers of Aquarius are of a peculiar interest. They constitute an effective group of planets and bring in the influences of the seventh, second and fourth rays. These are pre-eminently the rays which determine the final stages of man’s progress as well as the initial stages, being more potent at the beginning of the involutionary path and the end of the evolutionary path than they are in the middle period. They determine the final stages and happenings of the Path of Initiation. The seventh ray brings into expression upon the physical plane the major pairs of opposites – spirit and matter – and relates them to each other, producing eventually one functioning whole. The second ray gives soul expression and spiritual consciousness and also the power to pour out love and wisdom upon earth whilst the fourth ray indicates the field of service and the mode of attaining the goal. This mode or method is that of conflict and struggle in order to reach harmony and thus express all truly human characteristics, for the fourth ray and the fourth Creative Hierarchy constitute essentially one expression of truth.

Aquarius is pre-eminently a sign of constant movement, of changing activity and recurrent mutations, and the symbol for the sign is expressive of this state of activity. It is, therefore, a sign in which the significance of cycles is mastered and understood by the initiate. The results of the valley experience (to use the well-known language of the mystics of all ages) and of the mountain top with its vision and light, are very vividly depicted by the sign. The Aquarian can experience the depths of depression and of self-depreciation or he can know and pass through the exaltation of the soul and the sense of spiritual power which soul control gives, and know them to be the interplay and the action and reaction which are necessary for growth and comprehension. The law of such action and reaction is the law with which he works.

In Leo, a man’s center and point of consciousness is himself; he turns upon himself and revolves entirely upon his own axis and in respect and relation to himself, and is all the time the self-centered individual, consecrating all thought, time and service to his own well being and personal interests. But in Aquarius, the polar opposite of Leo and its sign of consummation, he becomes outgoing; there is no center or circle of circumscribed influence but only two outgoing lines of energy, pouring from him into the world of men. The self-conscious individual in Leo becomes the conscious server in Aquarius, and this is well expressed for us in the symbols of these two signs. The Aquarian is consecrated to group service and to the welfare of humanity. The average Aquarian upon the Mutable Cross will be, for instance, a faithful employee, the adherent and worker in some firm or business within whose limits all his interests are confined and to whose welfare all he has is consecrated. Upon the Fixed Cross this consecration to others becomes world service.

Aquarius, we are told, governs the blood system and its circulation. By means of the blood, the life force is distributed throughout the entire human body. It is, therefore, symbolic of the task of the liberated Aquarian who dispenses spiritual life throughout the fourth kingdom in nature. The Aquarian influences are felt also as life-giving in other forms of planetary life and other kingdoms in nature but with these we will not deal as we are confining our attention to humanity.

This appears clearly in the words spoken to the man upon the Mutable Cross as he passes through an Aquarian cycle. The words are:

“And the Word said, Let desire in form be ruler,”

for desire becomes gained knowledge and the knowledge of that which is hidden at any stage upon the path of evolution relates the individual to Uranus. When the man is upon the Fixed Cross, the words come forth:

“Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men.”

(Source: Alice Bailey – Esoteric Astrology)

Master Djwhal Khul, The Tibetan Master

This page will give an introduction to who and what D.K. is.  In short He is a Master. The Masters of Wisdom, also known as Masters of the Trans-himalayan Lodge, are people who have completed their evolutionary journey on Earth as people and who have chosen to remain serving the planetary purpose on this planet as members of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Master Djwal Khul’s name first appeared in the work of Madame Blavatsky, a co-founder of the Theosophical Society and author of “The Secret Doctrine”, published in 1888, which was primarily written by Master Koot Hoomi and Master Morya, according to Blavatsky and others in the Mahatma letters.

Alice Bailey wrote that Djwal Khul’s intention was the revelation of esoteric teachings that were valuable for the continued training and teaching of spiritual aspirants in the 20th and early 21st century. She believed her work was done on behalf of the “spiritual hierarchy” of advanced beings, that included Djwal Khul, whose sole interest was to guide humanity towards the establishing of goodwill and right human relations, the vital first steps that would help prepare the way for the “Reappearance of the Christ”, the World Teacher, whose personal name is Maitreya).
[Source 1]

The term ‘spiritual,’ usually associated with some form of religion or religious practice, actually has a much broader meaning. Says The Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul: “All activity which drives the human being forward towards some form of development ―  physical, emotional, intuitional, social ―  if it is in advance of his present state, is essentially spiritual in nature.”

[Source 2]

The Tibetan Master’s Work

The work of the Tibetan Master, as D.K. also is called, with with Helena P. Blavatsky and Alice Bailey was the direct result of a reorganisation within the spiritual Hierarchy over the last one hundred years.

This reorganisation has been an essential part of a readjustment and new relationship between the various planetary kingdoms; in particular between Shamballa, Hierarchy and humanity, largely due to an unexpectedly ready response by humanity to a deliberately applied spiritual stimulation.

One of the major effects of the reorganisation process, paralleling the closer alignment between the three major planetary centres, has been a new form of integration and fusion between the major ashrams within the Hierarchy. While each ashram continues to focus and express a specific aspect of Plan and Purpose, according to the ray energy involved (one of the seven), the old lines of demarcation have disappeared, and the Hierarchy is beginning to function more realistically as “the great Ashram of Sanat Kumara with the Christ at its heart.” This means, among other factors, more cooperation and coordination in ashramic functions and responsibilities and the possibility of interrelated work involving combined activities and shared action.

When Approaching the end of the 19th century the Master Djwhal Khul, head of one of the subsidiary ashrams within the major second ray ashram of the Master K.H., accepted responsibility for presenting a sequence of three new interpretations of the Ageless Wisdom teaching intended “to precede and condition the new age.” He has undertaken this task, not as head of a second ray ashram, but as a representative of the entire Hierarchy, blended and fused into one spiritual organism– the planetary heart center. D.K.’s present work and teaching is therefore hierarchical– in origin and scope.

He has also undertaken the task of training for discipleship many aspirants associated with the various ray ashrams, so relieving the Masters concerned from this necessary function and releasing them for other vitally important hierarchical activities during these years of preparation for the externalisation of the ashrams and the reappearance of the Christ. You will find it interesting to know that after the Bailey teachings, the most information on the externalisation has come from British author Benjamin Creme.

[Source 3]

Master D.K. or Djwhal Khul

Master D.K. or Djwhal Khul

May the blessing of the One Whom we all serve rest upon you all and upon all disciples everywhere, and may you do your full share in helping men to pass from darkness into light and from death to immortality.” (The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pp. 641/2)



Life, Karma and spiritual living