Is there a God? Good question!

Does God exist?

“Can you help me find God” is a very important question for all of us. I read in a newspaper recently that the web is crowded with forums like atheistforums.org, The Atheists critique of the Bible, and probably the most popular of all Reddit on atheism. Or like Mr. Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller writes that he doesn’t believe in God.  While I do not subscribe to the conclusion they make, ie. proof of God is non-existent, I can understand that a person who defines his life through technological and scientific proof, could in fact pose a question like: “if there is God why is there suffering“. I think it is a fair question that needs answering. So I decided to write this article to help find God and to help any atheist find an answer to the pressing question: “is there a God or not?”

Does God exist. Adam and God in Michelangelo's painting.

Why does it matter if there is a God?

According to the so called Ancient / Ageless Wisdom Teachings the history of this planet and of humanity is a story of evolution & evolving and as such it is so tremendous that it is almost unimaginable and definitely hard to believe to be fact. We are on this planet to learn consciousness, true human relations and the fact that irrespective of what the physical world might look like, humanity is nevertheless one.

According to modern physics matter, when closely looked at, is in fact not matter but light. According to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings physical matter can be subdivided into seven distinct layers that are dense, liquid, gaseous and the four levels of etheric matter that are yet invisible to the human eye. Not only does matter exist in these layers of seven but our surrounding universe is also subdivided into layers of seven according to a basic philosophy that all that is, is actually vibrations of subtler and yet subtler levels ad infinitum.

Thus it is that also our feelings are constructed on levels as are our thoughts. Those levels of feelings and thoughts are interconnected with the seven levels of physical matter for the simple reason that all that is, is interconnected. It is therefore quite understandable that our thoughts and our feelings affect our surroundings and a good example would be the extreme weather patterns that we see after emotional crises that have hit all of humanity. So there is a cause and effect relationship between what we think & feel and what we see in weather patterns, earth quakes etc.

Part of this view of life is the fact that all planets (within our solar system and all exo planets as well) are bodies of great Beings as are all Solar systems. So in exactly the same way as the human body is the vehicle for the human soul and spirit to dwell in, in the same manner an individual planet is the vehicle of a God. The God closest to us human beings is Sanat Kumara, whose body is planet Earth.

Teachers throughout the ages have claimed that there is a God and they always made it their job to “help me find God”

Through the ages amongst humanity there have lived humans whose task (one taken on in free will) it has been to tell us of this story, what I also consider to be the true story of creation, that is the Ageless Wisdom Teachings of life and of God. These individuals’ lives still live on in the modern day religions, that base their teachings on the belief in God. This is the case in Buddhism, where it is believed that prince Gautama Buddha was the first human to experience enlightenment, which is true also according to the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

This is also the case with Jesus of Nazareth, who was the first human being to experience that God is love, which also is the basic quality of this solar system: love. Jesus’s life and teaching lives on in Christianity even today. And the same goes for the many teachers that our mythology remembers: Krishna, Visaya, Herkules, Muhammed only to name a few. Yet their stories are not mythology, but they are true parts of the human history, that is only slanted after being brought to modern times through history. They all have taught humanity of the fact of God and of the nature of God and His relationship to humanity.

michelangelo-finger-of-god-adamWhere Christianity even today uses the emblem of a fish to show true faith, the sign of the new age is the Water Bearer, Aquarius. The fish is correctly founded in its root, the Age of Pisces, the fish, that Jesus came to inaugurate. Now at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius the times have changed and so has the symbol. All the major religions therefore are expecting a new teacher: the World Teacher, whose symbol is the Water Bearer. Jesus himself said for us to expect the man carrying the amphora of water.

This new teacher is known within the scope of Christianity as the second coming of the Christ. The Buddhists await the fifth Buddha, Maitrey Buddha, the Muslims expect the Imam Mahdi, and interestingly the Iranian president Mahmud Ahmadinejad in fact pointed to the presence of the Mahdi in the world in his recent speech at UN. In a similar fashion the Jews await the Messiah and the Hindus await the Krishna.

The World Teacher is going to give satisfactory proof to God’s existence

All these religions are right in their waiting of the teacher. The World Teacher is presently among us in the background waiting to receive an invitation from humanity to step into the public view. His mission is not only to help humanity in its many current problems and in its development of consciousness, but also to coach the Spiritual Hierarchy back into every day life as part of their own development. The invitation for Christ to step forward must be given by humanity, since according to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings our free will is sacrosanct and only through our permission, we can receive the much needed help.

But when we do give permission for help, we will receive wide ranging help from all of the Spiritual Hierarchy. With their help, we will be able to solve even our most pressing and dire problems such as the arab-israeli-question, the worldwide famine, the climate crisis only to mention a few.

What the major religions have, however, often missed, but something that is pivotal in the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, is the fact that human development goes through a series on hundreds and thousands of reincarnations towards a greater consciousness, and at the end of this path lies the liberation from the series of incarnations, when the human individual has learned all this planet has to teach to us.

Behind this developmental process is the law of reincarnation and the law of cause and effect. The causes root in our thoughts, our words and our deeds and they then lead to effects in this or our future lives. Until the point we learn to not harm others. Our development is, however, inevitable and we will reach the spiritual goal at some point of time.

Vitruvian-Man-Leonardo-da-VinciWe all are Gods in process of achievement thereof

At that point we will achieve what is known as Masterdom. We will be Ascended Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy. At that point the former human, then Master, gets to choose whether to stay on this planet and coach the development of the planet and its kingdoms, or whether to go to other forms of development and learning in other systems, the most popular of them being Sirius.

If the then, relatively seen perfected, ex human decides to stay on Earth to serve the purpose of humanity towards its common goal, that is perfection, then the, now Master of Wisdom, will be a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy, or that which is known as Kingdom of God in Christianity. The Spiritual Hierarchy works in close connection with Shamballa, the dwelling place of our planetary God, Sanat Kumara and all of the Spiritual Hierarchy is in the stewardship of the World Teacher, whose personal name is Maitreya.

On the one hand the purpose of the World Teacher, who in Christianity is known as the Christ, is to serve as the Teacher of humanity and as the front towards Shamballa, towards God. On the other hand He is responsible that the different sections of the Hierarchy also govern the development of the other kingdoms, that is the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. This impulse of evolution can be seen in an interesting manner in the fact that in human science great inventions often are discovered seemingly randomly in several locations at the same time. This is happening because the idea that the inventions are founded upon, comes from a Master of the Hierarchy, and it is given to further the development of humanity.

As said before, Maitreya, the World Teacher, is presently among humanity waiting for our invitation to help and guide us, and thus to inaugurate the Age of Aquarius, which is going to base on brotherhood & sisterhood among all men, upon cooperation among men and among nations and upon lasting peace. The World Teacher has however said, that humanity must first learn to share the bounties of the Earth among all people and all nations.

If we do not, He says, our future will be gloomy indeed, but if we do, we will through the principle of sharing create trust among peoples, and founded on that trust, we will build lasting peace, which will lead to a thousand years of peace, as predicted in the bible also.

According to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings God also is in a development that pursues to  achieve limitless consciousness and He, God (Sanat Kumara), is developing Himself as part of the development of this solar system. The God of this solar system is the Spirit of the Sun. In a similar manner the next higher level of God is yet the next (even more evolved) Being who ensouls our galaxy, and so on ad infinitum. This is what the Ageless Wisdom Teachings tell us about who is God.

I myself have lectured on this subject matter for a decade. Every time I see  the audience get joy and consolation of the fact that there is a reason to life and also that there is a logical reason to the seemingly endless problems and conflicts of modern life. The reason behind the conflicts is of course the subtle effects of the Age of Pisces receding and the Age of Aquarius proceeding within our daily lives. At present their effects precipitate into our lives at an even proportion and therefore the idealisticity of Pisces has to fight with the quality of synthesis and cooperation of Aquarius.


This writing from yahoo.answers

Please help me find God.?

I’ve had it already. I just cant cope alone anymore. I do drugs, I cut, my parents well just aren’t good parents.

I’m 15 and my parents are christian and I guess I am too. I’ve been going to church twice a week every week, all my life and NOTHING. No feelings of love towards him. I don’t know. I hear the preachings over and over again but I’m not drawn to surrender myself or anything. And when sometimes I finally want to like give my life to him. My pride keeps me from standing up or raising my hand when the pastor asks who wants to give their life to him. I feel um.. embarrassed i guess, because people think I am cold and will never believe in him. I don’t know if that really makes sense.
I try to pray but I just get bored because I never get feedback.
I really want to know him. Feel the joy that everyone is talking about. I know this guy who really has a hardcore relationship with god and .. well he just seems really happy.
IDK help.

In normal terms of religion it would be very difficult to answer this question from IDK. How can you help anyone find God? In terms on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings there on the other hand is a clear path to be found, as can be seen in this article.

The time of Aquarius will manifest God on Earth

As part of the arrival of Aquarius we are seeing more and more people divide into the forerunners or the rigid stayers behind. Something like the Arab Spring was absolutely unimaginable even ten years ago, and the coming down of the Berlin Wall was something that even in the 1980s could never be fathomed, and yet both have happened and the change of Aquarius is here to stay.

The Baptism of Christ (1472–1475)—Uffizi, by Verrocchio and Leonardo
The Baptism of Christ (1472–1475)—Uffizi, by Verrocchio and Leonardo

Therefore, when one discusses the concept of God, it is good to keep in mind that what in America and Europe is seen as the “normal” Christian way of thinking, is a valid way of thinking, yet it is merely one of the many ways of thinking. The perspective that I have outlined herein is one that is subscribed to by millions and millions of people. So when someone asks for “help me find God” there is reason to first ask what they might feel that is lacking in their present view of God.

I would put it to you that the problem that atheists find in God, is the seeming inability to prove that God exists, within the science and the tangible evidence that atheists have learned to trust. I further put it to you that the time of evidence of God is upon us.

When, what will be in the near future, physics will be able to proceed from what its calculations show, to the proving of what their calculations require (that 96% of the mass of the universe is matter that we are unable to measure – it is in fact etheric physical matter), then God and science will find one another in a fantastic way. We will prove and find out that God is Consciousness that resides in form in the seven layers of physical matter.

Russian countess Helena Blavatsky
Russian countess Helena Blavatsky

Also the human being is a spirit and a God in potential, whose abilities are merely waiting for their personal development to proceed and the realisation of that potential. As Jesus, who today is Master Jesus and who will come into publicity immediately after the World Teacher, put it to us 2,000 years ago, we will do greater deeds than he did. And that is true, our consciousness has a limitless potential.

So, when pondering on the existence of God, one must be open to the possibility that only because the main stream media do not cover some facet of the story, it doesn’t mean that that facet is not true. Already in the 19th century the Russian countess Helena Petrovna Blavatsky wrote many books on the Ageless Wisdom Teachings with the help of many Masters of Wisdom. Based on her and others’ writings the Theosophical society was founded and it lives still today eg. in Europe and in the United States as a widely accepted tradition.

Alice A. Bailey
Alice A. Bailey

Arguably the most effort in putting into writing the Ageless Wisdom Teachings was given by Alice A. Bailey in the first half of the 20th century. Alice Bailey wrote around 20 volumes in cooperating with the well known Master Djwhal Khul on proof of God and the reality of Life and other aspects of God. These writings are a solid foundation for anyone to study the Ageless Wisdom Teachings in more detail.

Master Djwhal Khul (D.K.)
Master Djwhal Khul (D.K.)

The latest unfoldments in the story of the externalization of the Hierarchy and the coming into public presence of the World Teacher, and thus the “latest news” of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, can be read in the writing of the Englishman Benjamin Creme, who in close contact with his Master, has published several must read books on the ancient Wisdom Teachings.

The Teachings that have been thus given to us as guidance have always lived among us and in the olden times they were hidden (esoteric as opposed to exoteric, ie visible to the blind eye) but now as we are clearly in the 21st century we can see that the teaching is there for anyone to find. It is now a mere question of taking the time to develop oneself in the Wisdom of Life. Millions of people around the world have studied and they all come to the same conclusion: There is a God, and God is within us each and everyone and we all are within Him.

If we desire to experience God in our daily presence, we must begin to live our life according to the laws of life, the practise of which will inevitably lead us to that experience. In short we must have honesty of mind & speech & deed, sincerity of spirit and harmlessness towards others, and we must adopt the principle of sharing. In this way, and only in this way, we shall experience God beyond any doubt. No need to help me find God anymore!

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